Issue 146  Summer/Fall 2014

About this Issue: 

Issue 146 opens with Brian Bouldrey's beautiful and devastating video essay "Dead Christ." Hans Holbein’s painting The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb (a detail of which also serves as the issue’s cover art) acts as a gateway for Bouldrey to explore death and grief, pain and suffering, love and hope. “You out there, watching with me, hear me in the dark, and remind me I’m alive,” Bouldrey says.

If there’s a unifying theme for Issue 146 it’s that pulsing desire to be heard in the dark. The fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in this issue are provocative and gut-wrenching, illuminating the trappings of existence in unique ways. Mystery, pain, grief, joy, love, hope abound.

Wherever you’re reading Issue 146, whether in bed or beside a stranger on the train, when you’re finished and you've exhaled, allow whoever’s near to wonder where you’ve been and how you’ve changed—come alive—after TriQuarterly.

Adrienne Gunn

Managing Editor: Adrienne Gunn
Assistant Managing Editor:  Noelle Havens
Faculty Advisor: Susan Harris
Literary Editor: S.L. Wisenberg
Director of Planning: Reginald Gibbons
Film Editor: John Bresland
Fiction Editors:  Carrie Muehle, Dan Schuld, Ankur Thakkar, Stephanie Tran
Nonfiction Editor: Karen Zemanick
Poetry Editor:  C. Russell Price
Social Media Editor:  Ankur Thakkar
Copy Editor:  Lys Ann Weiss
Media Architect: Harlan Wallach
Technical Advisors:  Alex Miner, Rodolfo Vieira, Nick Gertonson
Undergraduate Intern:  Brooke Wanser

Staff:  Ahsan Awan, Rebecca Bald, Jen Companik, Jim Davis, Jennifer Deeter, JL Deher-Lesaint,  Aaron DeLee, Jesse Eagle, Jeshua Enriquez, Dan Fliegel, Dane Hamann, Ish Harris-Wolff, Beth Herbert, Alex Higley, Martha Holloway, Barbara Tsai Jones, Katharine Kruse, Jen Lawrence, Adam Lizakowski, Robin Morrissey, Marina Mularz, Troy Parks, Amber Peckham, Miyako Pleines, Lydia Pudzianowski, Nate Renie, Mark Rentfro, Paula Root, Caitlin Sellnow, Michi Smith, Megan Sullivan, Adam Talaski, Myra Thompson, Ted Wesenberg, Carol Zsolnay