Luna Montenegro

mmmmmfilms is a collective created by Luna Montenegro, Ginés Olivares, and Adrian Fisher in 2003 in Berlin, Germany. They share a common interest in moving image, performance, poetry, and sound. Their early film works, such as OSH (2003), explored the time space of live performance in relation to filmed performance.  In later works, such as Los Infantes del Castillo (2007), they examined the relation between phonetic language and the body exploring the crossover into visceral filmmaking. Through ritual and sound they produce a mediative atmosphere in which the inside of the body becomes part of the other. In the weight of things (2011), they focus on ideas of memory and identity combining performance, sculpture, and intervention within a locality. "some recollections of mortality" is the result of a collaboration in writing and filmmaking to open spaces between word, sound, and image. They are currently working on their first co-directed feature film (German/Chilean/English production).

Luna Montenegro studied Fine Art and Social Sciences at Universidad Catolica, Santiago, Chile. She has worked with Adrian Fisher since January 2000, collaborating in the creation of more than sixty performances, installations, films, and curatorial projects. Their work investigates the body through presence, consumption, and technology. They research diverse cultural practices and place them in contemporary contexts. Each of their performances is documented in video; the artists work with this material together with relics from the performances to make installations, films, drawings, and objects.  They have shown their work extensively in the UK, Europe and South America, including the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea, Barcelona; the Institute of Contemporary Art, London; and the Palacio das Artes, Bello Horizonte, Brazil, as well as in diverse art galleries, residencies, film festivals, site-specific projects, the Internet, and radio.