How to Have Sex in Your Thirties (Or Forties)

Friday, July 15, 2022

Only way is to fuck
like you’re stalling

the body’s departure
from doing

what bodies will do:
end. Call it back

from its route
to extinction.

it to its own

underbelly, the land
of living. Speak

its basement desire.
If you can do that,

well, then
you’ve done a thing.

Young sex
misunderstands metaphor.

To the young,
the dying

of the light,
is mere abstraction.

Light is not light.
It means anything else.

But bodies
that have beget bodies?

Bodies that have buried
the bodies

that made them?
Bodies that have buried

the bodies
they have beget?

They know what
multiplies and disappears.

They know what light means.
I fuck like a last request.

Like I’m saying:
maybe reconsider your departure?

I make you feel
like we have choice

in all this. Which is
the real romance:

this witnessing. This rally
against your finitude

when you’re too tired
for the front line.

Friday, July 15, 2022