Chaste Duplex Caught Between a Lie and the Food

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

“i got fat bitch pussy, cause fat bitches got the warmest pussies. that's what i got.” -cardi b.


i pray to prevent our bed becoming a resting place,
i heave—sweat, pant, run so she finds me attractive.

            i heave—sweat, pant, cum, and she finds it attractive
            despite the hunger in my throat. all i do is eat.

my throat despising the hunger, all i do is eat her—
ask my lover to sit on my face, to smother my breath.

            lazy, i ask my lover to smother my face, my breath,
            i feast on my back, on sweet whispered vulgarities.

i feast on my back, my body, a sweet vulgarity.
she is naked and dangerous— and i, a fat song.

            i, a dangerous naked truth, fat slung over.
            i fabricate exhaustion to avoid my lover, i am sure.

i avoid, i fabricate exhaustion. my lover is unsure—
our preyed upon bed, our dark restless place.