Survey says: E-readers read more

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A recent Harris Poll says that people who own e-readers buy more books, whether print or electronic. I don’t think the study compares the same consumers before and after buying e-readers, so it seems possible that the e-reading group are predisposed to more reading regardless of medium. The poll breaks down book-buying habits by genre and by age group and has some interesting data. I don’t think we need another survey to tell us that electronic media are here to stay and successful publishers will have to adapt and innovate.

Libraries have been lending e-readers and e-books for some time now, and with some controversy. I mentioned previously that HarperCollins is imposing limits on the number of times an e-book can be borrowed under one paid license. This week’s news is that the Kindle now provides a free platform for borrowing library books. Just go to your local library website, select the book, and direct it to your Amazon account, then download the book for a two-week loan. You can save your margin notes and highlights should you re-borrow or purchase the book in the future.

How much are you reading online? E-reader or tablet computer? Lately I’ve been getting used to the smaller screen on my smartphone and carrying just that. Well, and maybe also a glossy magazine or two. And a writing/sketching journal. And a selection of pens. And notecards. . . .