Lake Woe-Is-Me

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Garrison Keillor's get-off-my-lawn lament for the "death" of the publishing industry (or at least the fancy New York elite version he reveres) elicited a lot of responses yesterday, but Roxane Gay's version at HTMLGIANT is by far the most entertaining. Her translation of Keillor's rant nails it:

People who are younger than me, listen up! Back in the day, I wrote books on a typewriter. I am the only writer who ever managed this. I made my own paper out of the trees on my farm. I called up the Pony Express and had them deliver my precious words to that fancy New York City and my words were so brilliant I got a book deal and I gloated about it and guess what? I’M RICH! I’m sad other people might now get rich too.