The Friday File, 9/17/2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall is in the air, and so may be a particular book-loving talk show host. Enjoy these links while you play out the clock this Friday afternoon:

  • "Jonathan Franzen reads in L.A. and Oprah is in the air" says the title of this blog post by . I wasn't there, but I assume this means she descended from the heavens to anoint the Great American Novelist's forehead with the golden O of her book club's approval.
  • The book a young man shouldn't read if he ever wants to get laid, besides Atlas Shrugged, I mean.
  • Are the slim hopes that your writing will ever be read and appreciated not enough to depress you? Then I have a story about Repetitive Strain Injury for you.
  • An essay by Brenda Miller on toast, popcorn, and her dog. Go with me on this one, it makes sense when you read it.
  • Could we have something more entertaining than a flight map and episodes of "Everybody Loves Raymond" to watch on those screens on the back of airplane seats? Contemplating in-flight e-books.

Enjoy your weekend.