Wednesday, January 15, 2020
don’t hold me, don’t hold me when niggas is dying
so, here’s the truth:
Black as ever.
Black                   and on my knees before an old friend
his mouth open
his head curled and crooked
his toes too. eyes closed
Black                   and he look dead
and i at his feet
but he not.             i wipe my mouth.
i keep him alive.
here’s the gods-honest truth:
as Black as it is heavy.
Black                   and he did die, eventually
left my house, hungry and expiring of thirst
drew his hood to keep what was left dry, dry
walked too fast in a place that wasn’t his
Black                   and filled with familiar wounds
Black                   and left me a widow of sorts
i gnashed my teeth. i tore my robes
and there was no choice but to
mount a pig’s head on a stick
Black                   and setting flame to tarmac
eating teargas and the blues
among the legends i am asked to recount him
for the ages.                                   i wipe my mouth.
i keep him                                                           alive.
Wednesday, January 15, 2020