the sighthound

Monday, January 15, 2018



from espèce

Translated by Nathanaël

Note: “The sighthound” is inscribed in the “animales” series, the title of which can be read as the feminine plural form of the noun animal or its corresponding adjective. ]


it is not the she-wolf      that engendered her

it’s the bitch

dog      cão       cane     perro

it’s short       easy to pronounce

to speak of          it’s more complicated

some languages           ignore the female

in her language        it isn’t like that

together          we traveled a lot

in trains     in boats      buses

to approach her       it was enough to pronounce

2 syllables

without an attempt at translation          without fear of

being bitten

she lay down with sirius

at the end of the month of august

the desert isn’t so far

Monday, January 15, 2018