la rue des abeilles

Monday, January 15, 2018



from espèce

Translated by Nathanaël

Note: “la rue des abeilles” is inscribed in the “animales” series, the title of which can be read as the feminine plural form of the noun animal or its corresponding adjective. The title “la rue des abeilles,” the name of a street in the first arrondissement of Marseille, translates as “Bee Street.” ]


he stabs him at the street corner

since then    a plastic rose hangs there

in fall     it is mild      the boy is on the ground

his bust is pretty       his hair in curls

he is losing his blood but he’s a handsome child who

radiates health

the children    often     fall and hurt them-


it isn’t always serious

during the day    the body is removed

the street is cleaned    not enough

there is still blood in the channel

a little dog on a leash sniffs and licks

the street is renamed      then crossed off the index

like all the lost bodies

tonight the anorexic bee will vomit garnet


Monday, January 15, 2018