Issue 149  Winter/Spring 2016

About this Issue: 

With Issue 149 we welcome our new video editor, Kristen Radtke, who introduces a trio of videos exploring the spaces between public and private. In these pieces, homes and lives are both haunted and haunting, as domestic, artistic, and personal histories are reviewed, interrogated, and restored. José Orduña details the intimate history of a house, yet denies all claims to either dwelling or memories; Margaret Singer and Max Freeman witness Steve Martin's attempt to revive an artist's reputation after years spent in his partner's shadow; and Sarah Viren meditates on the conception, birth, and existence of a child, and points along the continuum.  

The poetry, fiction, and nonfiction here also move between past and present, charting journeys both actual and emotional. From Elliot Ackerman's expat in Istanbul to Monica Sok's deracinated daughter visiting Angkor Wat, to Karen Brown's refuge for tired travelers, to Craig Bernardini's mother's sacrifice in Argentina, you'll find characters seeking to restablish and redefine family and home.

In her introduction, Kristen refers to "the exact point of greatest anticipation and possibility." It is at this point that we present this issue and invite you to join the many journeys here.  

Noelle Havens


Managing Editor: Noelle Havens
Assistant Managing Editor:  Dane Hamann
Faculty Advisor: Susan Harris
Director of Planning: Reginald Gibbons
Film Editor: Kristen Radtke
Fiction Editors:  Adrienne Gunn, Carrie Muehle, Ankur Thakkar, Stephanie Tran
Nonfiction Editor: Martha Holloway
Poetry Editor: Dane Hamann
Social Media Editor:  Ankur Thakkar
Copy Editor:  Lys Ann Weiss
Media Architect: Harlan Wallach
Technical Advisors:  Alex Miner, Rodolfo Vieira, Nick Gertonson

Staff:  Ahsan Awan, Emily Barton, Jen Companik,  Aaron DeLee, Jesse Eagle, Jeshua Enriquez, Dan Fliegel, Andrea Garcia, Ish Harris-Wolff, Katie Hartsock, Alex Higley, Barbara Tsai Jones, Katharine Kruse, Jen Lawrence, Adam Lizakowski, Robin Morrissey, Marina Mularz, Troy Parks, Lydia Pudzianowski, Nate Renie, Mark Rentfro, Paula Root, Caitlin Sellnow, Michi Smith, Megan Sullivan, Adam Talaski, Myra Thompson, Ted Wesenberg