In practice

Friday, January 15, 2016
Cool sweeps over the streambed lip, say here & here, then, bare
ankles in hug; these intimate moments at dusk; what dissipates;
what stands in the place of gone when the jaw, in gape, remains a
restless O, & wide to tunnel inward; say incessant just beyond the
thalamus; blackness of the cat perched atop a railcar illuminates &
the long strips of day in peel—how appropriately October inside
the mind, & now too, season; all organic, all shift here; your eyes
mid-swallow of shadow & temperature knocks at the base of
your spine; how we all in in & this you now aware; of spots,
specter forms & un-forms before you—small bodies in tumble
one over other—gnats in swarm—to be a limb of need; to attach,
belong to a larger; hold your breath & say anything; hold your
breath: tiny wings in flap on your cheek, lip, in your hair;
synapses of brain; chatter beyond your ear drum; type of prayer
in flesh; say re-align; re-align in practice.
Friday, January 15, 2016