About Issue 148

Issue 148 opens with Kelly Sears’ video essay “Pattern for Survival.” Sears juxtaposes militaristic, first aid, and fitness imagery with text from the US Army Survival Manual: “A key ingredient in any survival situation is the mental attitude of the individual(s) involved.” An ensemble of gifted authors study survival and the human experience throughout Issue 148. The fiction investigates characters’ mental attitudes when confronted with devastating circumstances. The poems examine snapshot-like moments imbued with both beauty and violence. The nonfiction observes life’s turning points and draws sense and order out of the small details of life. How do we survive being human? Through this mosaic of experiences, we begin to understand.

With Issue 148, we say good-bye and thank you to John Bresland, who inaugurated TQ's publication of video essays and cinepoems in Issue 141, and who has made TQ an important participant in that vibrant genre ever since. He's passing the torch to Kristen Radtke, whose "That Kind of Daughter" appeared in John's very first issue.

This summer, TriQuarterly began a complete upload of all 137 print issues of the magazine. Every cover and page of TQ’s entire history will soon be available to readers around the world. We are thrilled to share decades of ground-breaking fiction, nonfiction, and poetry without any cost to readers. Read our newest issue, or read our archive, but come on in and spend some time with TriQuarterly.

Adrienne Gunn

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015