Monday, July 5, 2010

X				O

the mark of failure a red X 0 points

the intended target X marking the spot Os within Os

the ends of a black olive the pinched x the pitted o

insect sex-determination system XX (the female) X0 (the male/
Mark the
yes no
is the letter symmetrical? [X] [ ] yes no

measured transmission - - - (like a flatline) - · · –
(… Oh…)

the measure of a note unmarked beat whole note

or eggs near homophonic near shape

or spacecrafts X-wings (not real) O-ring seal
(the Challenger

as a button cross-stitch to hold the holes

torturous execution Saint Andrew’s Cross Catherine’s wheel
(St. Catherine of Alexandria)

marks on the eyes of the dead scrawled Xs coins to pay Charon

X__________ (a sign here)

O........................ (a sigh here)

X: cross me out

Thursday, July 1, 2010