Tips for a riveting reading

Friday, July 29, 2011

The blog Beyond the Margins, created by a group of a dozen authors, runs some great posts on the writing biz and craft. Check out this group interview by Nichole Bernier, about how to survive giving a book reading. Anyone who has to do public speaking will appreciate the tips on combating nerves. Cheryl Strayed has this idea for spicing up a reading:

I also usually have a raffle. Audience members put their names in a hat and at the end of the reading I choose three and give away three books by other writers I love. It gives me the chance to yammer on about someone other than myself and it also makes the atmosphere more fun and festive.

In the news this past week, the Los Angeles Times Book Review section laid off its entire freelance staff of reviewers and columnists, while claiming the space dedicated to books will not shrink. The paper intends to use its existing in-house staff to cover the section. Some writers have suggested that freelancers start their own blogs for book reviews. If you’re feeling enterprising, Writers Digest is promoting a paid webinar on marketing your blog.

Also this past week, the longlist for the Man Booker Prize for novels was released. These 13 books might make a great way to replenish your summer reading list.