SlushPile Hell

Friday, June 18, 2010

Yesterday a few sites pointed out SlushPile Hell, a Tumblr blog by a "grumpy literary agent" who posts lowlights from query letters. At first glance it's funny. If you can't take a stab at a line like "Greetings agent. I have written the most important book on earth" then you must have had your sense of humor forcibly removed by drug bandits who left you for dead in a bathtub full of ice in cheap border hotel. But after a while it just reads like a string of cheap shots. Ridiculous cover letters are the slowest of slow-moving targets, after all. We get it, you're frustrated that you have to sift through crap. Move along. And a Katie Holmes joke? Really? Did Jay Leno loan that one to you?

Maybe I'm just tired of one-trick, gimmicky Tumblr blogs, or maybe I'm just jealous I didn't think to start one to vent about my day job: "Self-referential PowerPoint Presentation Hell." Or maybe I'm just a grumpy blogger.