Slate stepping up for lit

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Man is keeping me down in my real world job today so I'll have to keep it short, but Slate is stepping up big time for literature with a couple of cool features this week:

  • First, they are serializing a young adult novel called My Darklyng, by Laura Moser and Lauren Mechling. It's about vampires, naturally. Personally, I prefer the original mustachioed Count, but the kids all seem to like teenage emo bloodsuckers these days so it may be up your alley.
  • And Slate is also running excerpts from Christopher Hitchens' new book, Hitch-22. Sadly it's a memoir, not a cranky aetheist's analysis of the Will Smith movie, but if you're a fan of this Hitch you should probably check it out.