Sad or funny?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amusements around the internet today:

  • The L Magazine of New York City responds to Macy Halford’s discovery of a local bookstore with a section for Hipster Lit. What is a hipster? Keep an eye out next time you’re in the Hamptons; you’ll know one when you see one.
  • Thanks to Rebecca Skloot for posting this link on her Twitter feed. Science has identified the saddest movie ever. Basic ingredients: "Sports, fathers and death have long been known to be the holy trifecta for tears." I'm not sure whether this is sad or funny; you decide.

One serious note: I like this piece in The Atlantic by Keith Michael Fiels, executive director of the American Library Association, that gives a straightforward argument in favor of keeping libraries free to patrons. In response to a Massachusetts politician’s editorial proposing library fees, he writes:

Given the overwhelming proof that library use makes better readers, higher achievers, and more successful workers, we want our young people to feel comfortable coming into their local library, whether or not they have money in their pocket.

Young people, oldsters, and hipsters too.