Missouri Review to launch online archive

Thursday, December 16, 2010

This is exciting, the Missouri Review is launching a project called textBOX, a free online anthology of fiction, essays, and poetry from their archives dating back to 1978:

It seemed wrong that so much of the great work we’ve published in the past should simply vanish into our archives, and so we’ve designed textBOX, a new online anthology, in order to make available what our editors consider to be some of the finest stories, essays and poems published by The Missouri Review since 1978. The anthology is designed to provide open access to a selection of some of the best short fiction, nonfiction and poetry for students and teachers of creative writing and contemporary literature.

The project is supposed to go live on January 24th, 2011. I should point out that TriQuarterly is also working diligently to digitize all of our back issues from the entire print run so they will be available through this website (you can see a preview with "What Does the Falcon Owe?" by Rosellen Brown). No set date yet, but look forward browsing our archives in the next year too.